Time is running out to pick the perfect pumpkin, but Apple Annie’s Orchard in Willcox has plenty for people to choose from. The Cochise County Pumpkin Patch is one of the largest in the state.

The falls been great for us,” Director of Fun for Apple Annie’s Mandy Kirkendall said. “Weve had cooler weather, its starting to cool down some and its great opportunity just to get on the farm for a day and get out on the country.

The family orchard took a hit this past spring, when a freeze prevented the trees from producing the summer fruit. Kirkendall said there are plenty of pumpkins for picking.

Pumpkins get planted later than we get frost,” Kirkendall said. “So our pumpkins and all of our vegetables are planted after it starts warming up. So our crops out here are fantastic right now.

“We have beautiful pumpkins as well as peppers, chilies, tomatoes lots of different vegetables to pick.

Jenny Gale and her family have been picking pumpkins and taking family photos at a patch in Willcox for more than 30 years.

Its like a core memory,” she said. “Weve taken pictures here every year for 35 years since she was a little kid and my sisters kids were little. So we come back and hangout together and try and recreate the pictures we took 35 years ago.

Haley Husk, Gale’s daughter, brings her children from Indiana to continue the family tradition that started from a school from a school field trip when she was three.

Its just good memories. I live in nostalgia,” she said. “I remember being a little kid and I hope they form the same kind of memories and I hope when they are bigger they bring their kids here.

Both the orchard and patch are open seven days a week. As for Gale and her family, they plan to continue to make the trip and recreate their family photos.