When the temperature dips below 40 degrees, ‘Warming Hearts and Souls’ is in effect.

It’s the Salvation Army’s response to make sure people living on the street have a safe place to spend the night.

On Christmas, the Salvation Army fed over 700 people.

Now theyre helping make sure no one has to stay out in the cold.

You see people getting off the street, whether its the holidays or not, its good to see people getting warm,” Shelter Director Eric Hill said.

And outside of the building, people like Henry Silva are already lining up to get inside.

Without their support I would just be out there,” Silva said.

Its difficult to organize but the Salvation Army says the work is worth the reward.

They always tell us thank you, theyre really good about it,” Hill said.

Making sure everyone has a place to call home, even if its just for one night.

Everybody runs into hard times. Everybody does. I dont care who you are. Whether its financial, mental or physical. Everyone needs help and thats what this place represents,” Silva said.

If youd like to help the Salvation Army this holiday season you can donate clothes and blankets to 1002 North Main Street, or on their website.