Prop 496 on your ballot this election asks to approve or deny $480 million in funds for TUSD schools.

The bond is for school improvements across TUSD properties.

Were the largest school district in southern Arizona, the 3rd largest in the state,” Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo said. “So what happens in TUSD schools matters. It matters for Tucson, for Pima County, and the region’s future.”

He says district schools on average were built in the 1950s.

Dr. Trujillo says theyre in need of new AC, roofs, plumbing, and other modernization.

Our kids cant wait. And literacy, numeracy, and a high quality education for every child, thats not a liberal viewpoint, a conservative viewpointthats an American viewpoint,” Dr. Trujillo said.

The last time a TUSD bond was approved for school improvements was 20 years ago.

Learn more about the prop here.

Election day is November 7, and early ballots are already in the mail.