The Arizona Department of Transportation shared in an article why Why, Arizona has its questionable name.

The unincorporated community of Pima County’s has a small population of 122 people, according to the 2020 Decennial Census.

Why, Arizona is along the route to Puerto Peasco, Sonora, the popular destination for Arizonans.

According to ADOT, Why is a junction for state routes 85 and 86. That intersection was a “Y” intersection back in the day.

ADOT stated some sources recalled people in the area saying they lived at “the Y,” referring to the intersection.

When the community grew large enough to have a post office, they wanted to call it “Y.” Since the law required communities to have a name of at least three letters, it was decided to lengthen the name to “Why.”

The “Y” intersection of state routes 85 and 86 was moved slightly south and reconfigured for safety. The name was no longer a reference for locals, but remains even more of a question for travelers.

Thanks to ADOT, we know why Why is Why.