It takes a special spirit to donate one of your organs to help someone you don’t even know.

Kidney failure left Frank Pompa, and Tony Gonzalez tied to life on dialysis machines.

Joely Sanders thought as Franks sister shed be able to give Frank one of her kidneys. But she was not a match.

I was disappointed and I felt like you know, man, you know what are we going to do now?

But her brothers case showed her what her healthy kidney could mean to someone so she agreed to donate her kidney to whoever needed it.

It was Tony Gonzalez. His wife Tracey was willing to donate her kidneyand it was a match for Frank.

Surgeons from Banner University in Tucson removed Joelys kidney and flew it to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Chicago while surgeons in Chicago rushed Traceys kidney to Tucson.

Now a video link has helped both families meetand say thanks.

Talking to Tony and Tracie Gonzalez, Frank Pompa said, Here we are today and I want to thank Banner Hospital for taking care of me and you guys. He teared up as he said, Its been a long journey.

Tracie Gonzalez said, Im glad its working for you. I tried staying healthy the whole time. I exercised. I ate right and I made sure that kidney stayed healthy.

Both families are grateful for the gifts of freedom and health that came from their willingness to share a part of themselves.

Joely Sanders says shes a school counselor. She cant encourage students to be donors but she knows, they know, what organ donation meant to her and her brother.

Frank says, The donor at the end of the day doesn’t benefit from anything. You know what I mean? But in my eyes it’s like, the way she (His sister Joely) feels inside. It’s probably priceless. You know what I mean?

Joely: Yes, yes.

Frank: I mean, it’s just something probably nobody ever will feel unless you’ve gone through it.

You can learn more about giving, or receiving a donor organ at this page from Banner.