Tucson Police are trying to find the thieves behind a smash and grab at the Houghton Meat Market on Tucson’s east side.

Security cameras at the store near South Houghton Road and East 22nd Street caught two men shattering the glass door with a rock late Saturday night, before entering the market and stealing a donation jar on the front counter.

The jar had more than $400 for the Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter.

Market co-owner Jonathan Serra said while they’ve cleaned up the glass, it still hurts, but he still wants to make a difference.

“You do feel a little violated,” Serra said. “But I’m thankful that no one was hurt. It was done at night. The door’s replaceable. All that’s fixable. It’s not gonna stop us or slow us down or nothing. It’s just a bump in the road.”

Serra told KGUN 9’s Claire Graham they’ve been collecting donations again, and they’ve already collected what they lost; plus, since he matches the donations dollar for dollar, he has already written a $1,000 check to donate to the shelter.,

If you’d like to help them bounce back, you can go to the Houghton Meat Market, 10275 E. 22nd St., and contribute.

Anyone with any information should call 88-crime.