What was seemingly a normal day for some at the University of Arizona, hasnt been for a few people who were involved in incidents with a suspicious man around the school.

In less than a week, three separate incidences have been reported near the university. On Tuesday, TPD said there was a female that got groped on Monday.

KGUN 9 spoke with a few students at the UArizona who tell us they dont feel as safe as they should feel.

The second we get the email, we just text our group chat and were like, theres another one. So it definitely does not make us feel good at all, Freshman Violet Kirby said.

Jennifer Zucker is in her senior year at the university and said she feels like campus safety has gotten worse throughout her years at the school.

If there was maybe more security that was kind of driving up and down, maybe that would cause people to stay away, Zucker said.

KGUN 9 also spoke with Dawn Armstrong, the owner of Think Safe Seminars, a group that does self defense classes.

In order for people to defend themselves, she said they can use part of their hand like a hammer and go for a persons face, ears, and throat.

She said its important for people to be aware of their surroundings, so they are not put in situations like assaults or abductions.

Just put your phone away, so that your head is up, youre looking around, Armstrong said.