A newly released U.S. News and World Report study shows Arizona motorists may not be known for being good drivers.

Three Arizona cities Phoenix, Mesa, and Tucson made their list of the top 10 “least safe” U.S. cities for driving.

No other state had more than one city in the top 10.

Phoenix came in at number six. Tucson was fifth, and Mesa was eighth.

The three least-safe cities according to this study are Memphis, Tennessee, Albuquerque, and Detroit.

The safest three cities, on the other hand, are Boston, New York City, and Honolulu.

The report was based on several factors, including the number of deadly car crashes per city per capita, the number of people involved in the deadly crashes, the average fatality rate per 100 million miles traveled, the average number of DUI arrests, and the number of car thefts in recent years.