A group of teens was charged and sentenced in relation to the murders of three others at Lakeside Park in 2018.Tucson police say two groups of men met at the park on Tucson’s eastside.After a conversation, shots were reportedly fired and three people were found dead:21-year-old Matthew Favela16-year-old Carlos Ross16-year-old Amonn SandovalThe three surviving individuals were originally charged with first degree murder, but two have taken pleas and one was convicted.Filomeno Edwardo Flores, 15 at the time, plead guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Armed Robbery, facing seven years probation and electronic monitoringMaki Dion Riley, 16 at the time, plead guilty to Manslaughter, facing seven years probationAaron Rodriguez, 16 at the time, convicted of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, serving five years in prison