Since 2018, THRIVE in the 05 has been working to brighten the area in the 85705 zip code.

There’s so much need within this community, and within other communities in Tucson,” said Jeremiah Dean, a planner with the Housing and Community Development in the City of Tucson.

This year, three projects will be completed to bring more community-based art to the area, two murals and a set of sculptures.

One of those murals is at Baileys Fabric in Barrio Blue Moon.

Susanne Shepherd is the owner of Bailey’s a second-generation business in Tucson, and she says the art is a step in the right direction.

I really saw such a positive movement for the area, and they just really wanted to make this area better, safer, prettier.

The muralist behind the art is local artist Pen Macias. And she says that the mural honors several different pieces of the community.

Every aspect of the mural comes from a story that was submitted to us through the website or told to us directly, said Macias.

But her goal is to serve the community through her art.

It’s just really fulfilling to, you know, be a catalyst for bringing people together and telling the stories.

The second mural was completed at the Old Pascua Community Center while the sculptures will be completed in April.