As the summer heat persists, the City of Tucson is continuing the Cool Pavements project by coating another neighborhood in the treatment. Last year, the city placed the treatment on a part of Country Club Road near Broadway. Now, they’ve coated a neighborhood between Mission Road and La Cholla Boulevard.

The treatment aims to cool down the ground and keep it from eroding. Amanda Valenzuela, the public information coordinator for the city’s department of transportation and mobility said they are still studying the data from last year, but this neighborhood was able to be coated with the treatment because of Prop 411.

“What cool pavement does is that it almost acts like a sunscreen,” she said. “In that when it’s applied it helps absorb some of that sunlight and prevent it from heating up and with that it can reduce the roadway temperature.”

The team is continuing to look at the data to see if its effective and then the goal is to spread it across the city.