Friday was a big milestone for nonprofit The Homing Project: its tiny homes for the homeless arrived in Tucson.

The group has been working for over two years to offer help to those experiencing homelessness, and the tiny homes are just one part of an entire village coming soon.

“We have 15 houses that we paid for, including the double bathroom,” said J. Kristin Olson-Garewal, co-founder of the nonprofit. “It’s assembled so it can’t fit here, but a group is helping us with storage until the site is ready.”

The Homing Project secured almost an acre of land near Irvington and Nogales Highway for the project.

Future residents of these 64-square-foot homes will be survivors of domestic abuse younger than 25 and older than 50. They’ll be offered support services like medical, dental, mental health, and substance abuse counseling.

The village is designed to house people for two to four years before more permanent housing becomes available.

“The problem is a shortage of housing. That’s why we are using these,” Olson-Garewal explained. “These can go up in about 25 minutes and you can buy them by the dozen.”

The team is already planning on creating a second tiny home village in South Tucson.