Recently, Scottsdale has seen 2 coyote attacks in one weekend–which is highly unusual according to Arizona Game and Fish. AZGFD said Phoenix usually sees only about four to five coyote attacks in a year, and Tucson only sees about one to two a year.

Game and Fish said they think the same coyote is behind both attacks in Scottsdale which happened one day apart. The department’s public information officer Mark Hart says they suspect the coyote was either fed by people or was stealing food, and that’s why it’s used to humans.

Hart said if you see a coyote, you should try and scare it away, adding “it may not move off right away, but you need to keep making noise and doing whatever it is you’re doing until it is absolutely gone from your sight so they get the message you’re not welcome here.”

He said if you don’t, the coyote may think it’s safe if it just gets a little further away, and it may return.

If the coyote runs away but stops and turns aroundeven just to look at youHart said to call Arizona Game and Fish, as the coyote could become a threat. He said they accept calls 24/7 at 623-236-7201.

If the coyote is posing an active threat, call 911.



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