KGUN 9 met up with Adam Farrell-Wortman, the Director of Horticulture at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, for some tips on keeping your garden safe from bugs this summer.

Here are some key things to remember:

Not all bugs are bad. Some good bugs help keep away the bad ones, so general pesticides might get rid of all of them, but the first to come back will be the bad bugs you don’t want in your garden. The best approach to harmful bugs, like fig beetles, is to physically remove them. A simple spray bottle with water, or water with a teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of dish soap, should do the trick. Healthy plants have a better resistance to bugs. Keep your plants healthy by regular watering and proper fertilization. Encourage natural predators. In larger garden spaces, providing a habitat for birds can help naturally keep your insect issues under control.

By using these natural and sustainable bug control methods you can keep your garden balanced, healthy and thriving.