Marana resident Lorenzo Quiroz’s packages were at his doorstep one minute and gone the next.

His smart watch was out of view when it chimed to let him know there was motion at his front door Monday afternoon.

Two people sent to deliver flowers for his mothers birthday stole the boxes and left with the bouquet too.

And it was all caught on his door camera.

They were sentimental items to me,” Quiroz said. “They were Christmas presents, personalized Christmas presents for people that I know, that came from Etsy. Ive waited a while for these items.

During an interview with KGUN 9 the next day, he pointed out that flowers were re-delivered the exact bouquet seen in the video footage.

Quiroz then called the florist, who told him they use a third-party delivery service company. After contacting the delivery service, a representative said they do not release information about their delivery personnel without a court order. Quiroz now awaits an update from the sheriff’s office where he submitted a theft report.

I never thought it would happen to me, just because were in a nice neighborhood,” he said. “Were not in a neighborhood where theres a lot of crime.

A lot of people face challenges when it comes to the safety of their packages, simply because theyre not around when deliveries arrive.

But an inspector with a U.S post office in Tucson says there are other options to avoid porch pirates.

You want to make sure you take advantage of free service of just holding your mail,” Dan Grossenbach said. “The mail can be held at the post office until you return. And it can be delivered to you for free after that.

Grossenbach said stolen USPS mail can be punishable for up to five years in prison per item.

For better chances at recovering your stolen mail, report thefts to the investigative team at your local post office as soon as possible.

If youre not shipping through USPS, temporarily forward or order your package to a trusted address like a friend, relative or neighbor to be picked up later.

Quiroz said as frustrating as this is, he will not be pressing charges.

I just want my packages back. And I believe in second chances for people,” he said. “I hope that this situation has taught them that you dont do that. Even in desperate times, there are avenues to go down and seek to help yourself.