At the Deconcini Port of Entry in Nogales, officials began processing asylum seekers prior to the expulsion of Title 42.

When the pandemic-era restriction was officially lifted, the flow of traffic continued to flow smoothly at the port of entry.

As far as where asylum seekers are placed after processing, one man from Guerrero, Mexico shared his journey.

Throughout Thursday, Border Patrol vans were dropping off asylum seekers that had already been processed by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in areas of Nogales, Arizona.

About two blocks from the Deconcini Port of Entry, Saul Navarrette was dropped off by a Border Patrol van.

My country is beautiful, my city is beautiful, but the hunger and the crime, it doesnt let you have anything, you cant live, said Navarrette.

He said he was seeking asylum because of the dangers of crime and the lack of resources.

You can be walking and suddenly you see an armed person that can kill you. People will pick you up and take you. Its dangerous, he said.

Navarrette said hes a father and a husband and left everything behind to lead a path to safety. He said his court date was scheduled two months from now, and left for a bus to Tucson.

Nogales locals shared they saw asylum seekers search for transportation as well as food and water.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is asking anyone seeking asylum to use the CBP One app to schedule their arrival. This could help with the flow of processing and prevent longer wait times at the ports.