The iconic western


, filmed in Southern Arizona, turns 30 this year.

To celebrate, about 10 cast members from the movie are coming back to the eponymous town this week for a reunion.

In 2018, we did a 25th [anniversary reunion], probably five or six thousand people here over two days, said Larian Motel owner Gordon Anderson, who is also organizing this reunion.

Several of the actors have urged me on to create a 30th. And thats just what were doing, he said. They like to re-hash old memories and meet their old friends, and meet their fans they love their fans.

Among those planning to attend: Michael Biehn (Johnny Ringo) and Billy Zane (Mr. Fabian).

Lisa Collins [who played Louisa Earp] lives in Sydney, Australia, Anderson explained. Shes coming all the way from Sydney just for this event. So thats how important it is for these stars.

Anderson says hotels in town are sold out for this weekend, but there is availability in nearby towns.

This will never happen again, said Anderson. Were never gonna get this many stars from the movie Tombstone [again]. Its a 30-year-old movie.

But it still has big fans.

Al Paquette, visiting Tombstone from Florida, said hes watched the movie 100 times.

I had to come here after seeing the movie so many times, he said. Big fan of the movie so had to see this part of the country where its still preserving this part of our history.

The movie would never have happened without that history. Both work in tandem to bring in the tourism that keeps Tombstone The Town Too Tough to Die.

Pop culture is really important as far as history is concerned because it keeps the history relevant to people, said Nogales history teacher Frances Colunga, who frequently visits the town because it feels authentic.

Having something like the movie and people from the movie Celebrities drag people in. People have money. Money keeps the town alive, she said.

Besides the movie, one of the towns biggest draws are the performers who re-create the O.K. Corral gunfight.

Jacob Pigman is one of them. He calls it the best job I think Ive ever had, while also acknowledging that its physically demanding.

Because his character often falls during the show, he says he currently has a knee injury that makes it painful to walk, but that the audiences make it all worth it.

Tourism is everything to Tombstone, he said. I mean, were a tourist town. Thats why we have four different gunfights in town, you have four different ways of showing how town lived back in the day. So I mean, if it wasnt for the tourists, we wouldnt be here.

The reunion runs this Saturday and Sunday on Allen Street in Tombstone.