Tombstone’s history as a Wild West town, home to cowboys and villains alike, has made it a bucket list destination for tourists from around the world and from right in its own backyard.

Kyle Peura, a tourist from Tucson, said on a recent Wednesday morning, “It’s pretty cool; it’s way different than Tucson.”

The town’s rich history, highlighted by the famous O.K. Corral gunfight, draws visitors seeking a genuine cowboy town experience.

Leon Dantus, another tourist, said, “The history of the town, thats the only thing I think that makes it different.” Jenny Liu adds, “I think the western style, I want to experience the cowboy town.”

The holidays are especially busy for Tombstone businesses. Tour guide Myrna Dooley said the week after Christmas is one of their busiest weeks.

“A lot of people come to Tombstone specifically because they just love Tombstone,” Dooley said. “Theres nothing else like it out there.”

Many people know it from the tales told and movies made about the Earp brothers and their efforts to uphold the law. But they weren’t the only famous figures to come through town.

“Everybody thinks its just about Wyatt Earp and the O.K. Corral gunfight, which probably put it on the map,” Dooley said. “But really it started off with Ed Shieffelin who founded silver here.”

In Tombstone, Dooley said you will hear different sides of history.

“We try to give as much of the history as we know, but history is funny in Tombstone,” she said. “You get about three or four different sides, so you get to decide whats the real story.”

Visitors can immerse themselves in the Wild West experience by taking a stagecoach ride or witnessing a reenacted gunfight.



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