On Wednesday, the Arizona Board of Regents held a public town hall as part of the University of Arizona presidential listening tour.

This meeting comes after the universitys current president, Robert Robbins announced last month he would step down from his position amid the universitys financial crisis.

The purpose of the town hall was for the regents and members of the universitys presidential search advisory committee to hear feedback and input from the campus community on what they want to see for their next president.

The meeting was scheduled for 90 minutes, but only lasted about 10 minutes because of a small turnout. Only a handful of people attended the meeting and two people gave comments. The meeting did coincide with the universitys last day of classes on May 1.

One of the two who left a comment was Maura Raffensperger who is an alum of the school. She said she loves the university so the issue of deciding its next president is important to her.

I havent been happy with the way that the current president has been dealing with the issues, Raffensperger said. “Especially the fact that he hasnt been using a lot of the input that the faculty has for him, because I have a great deal of respect for the faculty at the university.

The next town hall meeting is scheduled to take place next Wednesday, May 8 at 1064 E. Lowell St. from 6-7:30pm.