The Marana Parks and Recreation Department said the pool is now open in Marana, but last week it was closed for part of Saturday and all of Sunday because some lifeguards could have had MRSA infections.

Kevin Goodrich, the recreation supervisor said on Saturday some of their lifeguards had sores on the back of their thighs, but never got into the pool.

The CDC says MRSA can cause a bump or infected area on your skin that can be red, swollen, and painful, and you can have a fever with it. They say athletes are more susceptible to get it but anyone can get it.

Goodrich said those lifeguards got checked out by a doctor and got treatments. He said they have been cleared to go back to work.

In order to make sure everyone stays healthy, he said they disinfected surfaces and facilities with 10-90 bleach. Goodrich said he hasnt seen a case of MRSA in his sixteen years with the town, and they always encourage a healthy lifestyle.

We do promote that nobody enter the water with any open sores or cuts or anything like that. The staff who did have the sores, they were not in the water, Goodrich said.

He said nobody else came forward with any symptoms and they are continuing to disinfect the facilities and surfaces at the pool.