The Tucson Police Department held its annual Fallen Officer Memorial Thursday evening.

“It is incredibly poignant, touching, and humbling all at the same time.”

Forever gratefulthats how Cheryl High and her family felt attending Thursday’s memorial honoring her great-grandfather William Elliott, the first Tucson police officer killed in the line of duty in 1892.

“Im so honored that you remembered our ancestor,” High said as she stood with other members of her family. “And that the love and the support that are shown among the Tucson Police Department continues.”

Thursdays memorial also honored seven other Tucson officers who paid the ultimate price to protect the city they called home.

TPD Sergeant David Fritsch says while every officer hopes to make it home every night, the uncertainty can be mentally challenging anytime they put on a uniform.

“Its one of those things that youre mentally prepared for but you can never ever be prepared for because we know at a moments notice we could be in a life-or-death situation,” he said.

While many of us run away when danger calls, the men and women in uniform are often running toward it.

While it may be just a job to them, for High and so many others, these officers are heroes.

“I think he would be very pleased and appreciative that people recognized the work that they did,” High said when asked how she thinks Elliott would receive the memorial. “But [he would also be] surprised that people would think that highly of them because theyre such humble individuals.”

Listed below are all the Tucson officers who have lost their life in the line of duty:

Officer William Elliott (July 2, 1892) Officer William H. Katzenstein (July 26, 1902) Officer Robert V. Cummins (Sep. 7, 1936) Officer Barry W. Headricks (Oct. 28, 1974) Officer James A. Smith (Oct. 28, 1980) Officer Jeffrey H. Ross (Feb. 18, 1982) Officer Patrick K. Hardesty (May 26, 2003) Officer Erik D. Hite (June 2, 2008)



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