Police are continuing their crackdown on street racing in and around neighborhoods here in Tucson.

Their latest efforts Monday night resulted in 32 total traffic stops just a day after a video circulated online showing dozens of people gathered near East 5th Street and North Pantano Road during one of these illegal street takeovers on the Eastside.

People working or living in these areas told KGUN 9 they are well aware of the frequency of these illegal activities, and some who grew up here say street racing has always been an issue for certain parts of Tucson.

This video obtained by KGUN 9 shows the illegal street takeover in action Sunday night, with screeching tires and smoke from cars doing donuts in the intersection as dozens of spectators stand dangerously close:

Eastside street racing

TPDs latest crackdown Monday night included:

32 traffic stops 37 Civil Violations 5 impounded vehicles 30 Criminal Violations 2 felony arrests

One of those arrests included an 18-year-old charged with assault after police say he nearly ran over a sergeant during a traffic stop.

While this isnt KGUN 9’s first story covering these street races, TPD has repeatedly said they take these matters seriously. They also solicit the publics help when they notice these events by submitting any information to their Traffic Watch tool.

TPD also says the police department is planning more street racing deployments planned in the near future.