The Tucson Fire Department responded to reports of a dead woman inside a residence.

This occurred on April 2 at the 3500 block of South Liberty Avenue.

According to the Tucson Police Department, the family of the victim had arrived and entered her home to check her welfare.

When family members entered, they found her dead with signs of trauma.

The victim was identified as 46-year-old Maria Acedo.

According to TPD, the suspect was identified as 42-year-old Jesus Andres Gutierrez.

Acedo and Gutierrez were involved in a domestic relationship.

Officers obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect for 1


Degree Murder, 2


Degree Burglary, 3


Degree Burglary, and Auto Theft.

Police are continuing to actively search for Gutierrez.

He is described as a 56″ man about 160 pounds and is considered extremely dangerous.

Officers advise not to approach him if he is located and call 911 immediately.

Anyone with information, contact 911 or 88-CRIME.