Traffic Watch is the Tucson Police Department’s online reporting tool to submit complaints on unsafe driving.

Since the tool launched two weeks ago, the department has received about 100 complaints.

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The local business, Goodness juice bar and fresh food, on the corner of Campbell Avenue and Water Street knows first hand there is dangerous driving in Tucson.

Manager, Tiara Esparza, was working when a car crashed into the outdoor dining area in front of the store.

It hit kind of the corner right here into about here into one of our tables there used to be two into these planters here,” said Esparza when walking KGUN 9 through the crash.

None of her customers were injured during this crash, but this wasn’t the end of crashes in front of the juice bar.

A garbage truck hit a pedestrian earlier this year.

I didnt see that impact but the man was on the ground,” said Esparza.

Speeding and unsafe lane changes were two of the issues Esparza said she sees often.

These are some of the issues TPD has seen the most on Traffic Watch.

We are in the process of issuing warning letters with the tips we have received in the last two weeks and were also going to be doing in-person follow-ups,” said Lt. Lauren Pettey with TPD.

With a deadly total of 99 traffic fatalities in Tucson in 2022, Pettey said the goal is to make Tucson’s streets safer.