KGUN9 news is working hard to stay in touch with the neighborhoods we serve. One of the biggest drags on life in your neighborhood can be the trash on your streets.

Trash is one of the touchiest things in a neighborhood. A lot of times people do not take advantage of the special city programs to haul away big bulky items like this. Instead they just leave it out there like this. That trashes the neighborhood and upsets the people in it.

Kristen Birner says, It’s frustrating. I see it all over the place everywhere I go, and they just dump it in once they dump. It gets piled on and we’ve worked really hard to not have that in our neighborhoods.

Kristen Birner works hard to make sure her property lives up to the name of the Garden District.

But other people plant trashy trouble along the curb lines. And let’s be clear; this is not just a problem for the Garden District. It hits plenty of different neighborhoods.

Cast off couches are especially common but theres plenty of other unsightly stuff.

And the trash attracts other trouble. Susan Irving-Wilson worries about scavengers and people who just seem to hang out near the clutter.

I cant go out in that alley by myself, because I dont know me, I found them leaning up against the gate out there and I would help anybody but boy its getting a little dangerous.

The City of Tucson offers every neighborhood Brush and Bulky pickup but can only come to each neighborhood twice a year. The next Brush and Bulky pickup for the Garden District is almost two months away.

We met one woman who saw all the debris on the curbs and thought it confirmed her mistaken impression that the Garden District has a pick up this month.

If you have this sort of trash and the next city pick up is too far away you can schedule your own pick up for fifty five dollars -still cheaper in time and money than renting a truck and taking it all to the dump.

Learn more about the City of Tucson’s Brush and Bulky Pickup by clicking here.