KGUN9 has the story of a man who says his wife planned to end their marriage with a poisoned cup of coffee.—and we have the video the DM Airman says will prove his claim.

To most people a steaming cup of coffee is a comforting way to perk up and attack the day.

To Air Force Airman Roby Johnson, its a murder weapon an angry wife used to attack him.

He says he and Melody Johnson were headed for divorce. They were stationed in Germany when he says he noticed his coffee tasted funny, not funny really but seriously dangerous.

He says it smelled like bleach and sometimes he had digestive trouble like internal bleeding.

Johnson set up surveillance cameras in Germany, and in the house they shared after the couple moved to Davis-Monthan. He says they stayed in the same house because he wanted to continue working to prove his suspicions.

He told Tucson Police the videos show Melody Johnson pouring bleach into another container and using it to put bleach in the coffeemaker.

He also used test strips that he says showed excess chlorine in the coffee maker.

Tucson Police originally said the videos did not conclusively show Melody Johnson had poured bleach in the coffee maker.

But after more investigation and gathering other physical evidence, they decided to arrest her and charge her with attempted first degree murder.

Shes in jail waiting for trial, and will stay in jail unless she can post a quarter million dollar bond.