Former President Donald Trump will be arraigned in a New York courtroom Tuesday for his role in an alleged hush money scheme. 

The indictment is currently under seal, meaning the exact charges Trump is facing are not known to the public. They are expected to be revealed at Tuesday’s hearing, which is scheduled for 2:15 p.m. ET. 

The Manhattan’s District Attorney’s Office has been investigating payments made by Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to porn star Stormy Daniels. The payment was allegedly made to prevent Daniels from speaking about what she says was a sexual relationship with Trump ahead of the 2016 presidential election. 

The public will not be allowed to watch Tuesday’s hearing live. Judge Juan Merchan has restricted courtroom access to just a few photographers.

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Trump, who is the first former U.S. president to face criminal charges, flew from Florida to New York on Monday. He will likely be fingerprinted before the hearing. It’s unclear whether he will be handcuffed or have a mug shot taken.

A day before the hearing, Trump added some legal star power to his team. 

Todd Blanche, who previously represented other Trump associates, will represent the former president in this case. 

Blanche is a well-known attorney in New York. He has a deep level of experience in dealing with Manhattan’s legal system and the district attorneys office.

Security in the city tight ahead of the hearing; however, police say there is no credible threat of violence. 

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said Tuesday that she is in New York to protest what she claims is a “weaponization of the justice system.”

New York Mayor Eric Adams said Monday that protesters need to “control themselves.”

“New York City is our home, not a playground for your misplaced anger,” he stated. 

Trump has not said whether he will greet protesters. He is scheduled to return to Florida after the hearing and deliver remarks Tuesday night.