Most kids dream of having their own treehouse. But this treehouse is hardly for kids.

Sitting on the Historic Shankle Ranch, the Tubac Treehouse is actually being offered as a unique lodging experience.

“This is peaceful, it’s relaxing. It takes away everday stress,” said Sarah Vickery, describing the Historic Shankle Ranch.

Located on the north edge of Tubac, the Shankle Ranch takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’re actually on a working 1,300 acre ranch, with 800 head of cattle.

The owners, Kirk and Sherry Sinclair, have recently started to rent out the historic property for guests to enjoy the amazing views of the Santa Rita Mountains.

There’s no better view than from the latest addition to the ranchthe Tubac Treehouse. But to better appreciate the treehouse, we need to learn about the Absolutely Arizona history.

“Tubac’s full of history and this is just one of the stories,” Vickery said.

The story of the Historic Shankle Ranch actually begins more than 90 years ago.

“Joan Shankle built this property with her husband in 1929,” explained Vickery. “She was an aviator. They were both pilots and they moved here. They had an airstrip in the back and a fuel place so they could fuel and takeoff from this property.”

But Joan Shankle was more than just a pilot.

“She was a pioneer, if you will, of women’s aviation,” said Vickery.

In the fall of 1929, she became the first woman to fly solo across the country, from California to Massachusetts.

It took Joan Shankle two weeks to complete the flight, making aviation history.

She is a member of the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame.

Shortly after the historic flight, she and her husband moved into the just-completed ranch house at Shankle Ranch.

Today, you’ll find the ranch house decorated just like it was in 1930.

Sarah Vickery helps with renting out the property to vacationers.

You can rent the seven-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath ranch house, complete with an amazing pool, a pond and plenty of stunning views.

“It’s just quiet,” Vickery said. “With the acreage around it you don’t see neighborsyou see wildlife, you see a pond, you see peace and tranquility.”

There’s also a one-bedroom bunkhouse for rent away from the ranch house.

And then there’s the Tubac Treehouse.

A few years ago, the Sinclairs commissioned The Treehouse Guys, who specialize in building custom treehouses. Co-owner James “B’fer” Roth came to find the perfect spot.

“Spent about a week viewing the property, deciding where it should be built,” Vickery said. “He laid on the ground, looked up between these trees. Had the tree doctor come. Made sure the trees were fine. Invited his crew and they built a treehouse.”

Not just a treehouse: the Tubac Treehouse.

It took just over a month to build. It’s about 600 square feet and sits 21-feet above the ground.

The treehouse features a wraparound deck with stunning views.

Inside, it sleeps four people with a queen bed on the main floor and two twins in the loft. There also are some nice amenities not found in most treehouses.

“You get a working toilet, you have electricity, you have air conditioning, you have heating, you have a barbecue grill,” said Vickery. “You can come stay a week. There is a little kitchenette with a microwave and a refrigerator. You don’t need more than that.”

Helped out by a feature article in a recent edition of Arizona Highways Magazine, the Tubac Treehouse has been rented about 85% of the time.

“We’ve got very good reaction,” Vickery said. “We’ve had at least three couples that are repeat renters. They come to get away, they come for the experience.”

The Tubac Treehouse and the rest of the Historic Shankle Ranch are available for rent through Vrbo.