Dirk J. Arnold is sharing his inspiration and artistic process for developing breezeblocks artwork on Sunshine Mile.

He said mid-century architecture served as the main influence for the 2-mile-long piece.

Arnold told KGUN 9, “Along this Broadway Road Project, there’s a very little bit of right of way in which we could put the artwork.”

The Arts Foundation and Arielle Pagac of Artifact Video Production produced a video dedicated to giving Tucson’s community an inside look.

Since Arnold was working with limited space, he “made do” with the “canvas size” he had.

“…so, I end up doing a couple of big elements like these, and then there’s similar elements up on the light poles I call the ‘Breezeblocks Suns’ because as you drive along, the color transitions from yellow to purple like the Tucson sunset,” he reveals.

This artwork is made possible with the City of Tucson’s Public Art Policy, allocating 1% of a capital improvement project budget over $100,000 to public art.