“Severe Re-constructivism” can be violent, loud, crazy, messy and sometimes even bloody, according to Jimmy Descant.

He’s an artist who works with metal and vintage objects and calls his work “Western Futurism.”

The stuff that I like, and you know, from the Golden Age of American manufacturing…thats my favorite. The stuff that was meant to last forever,” he said. “So I save stuff from the landfill, I put it into art and hopefully in the art, it will last forever.

Descant was chosen to create a sculpture for the Martha Cooper Library after construction is finished on the new building addition in Spring of 2024.

Martha Cooper was a well-known figure in the Tucson community for many years.

She founded the Midtown Neighborhood Association, spearheaded a nature garden project, and pushed for the Garden District library that is now named after her.

Im going to be telling the story of Martha Cooper represented by a Cooper’s Hawk,” Descant said. “And then itll be connected to a ‘crested’ saguaro, which is a very special king of the desertthe special of all saguaros.

But this isn’t a project he’ll be creating alone. Descant is asking for help from the community in donating parts to the sculpture – ones they feel represent Tucson.

The 8 ft-long, 12 ft-wide storyboard concept for the sculpture will connect the residents with their community through these gifted objects.

When its done, the locals can come and they can show their kids that, That was your great grandfathers pocket watch, or This was a hood ornament off of my dads car when I was a kid,” Descant said.

“So, theyll be able to find things in the piece thats part of the whole story, which is part of the whole community.

Tucsonans will be able to donate their belongings at the Plant Swap event at John B. Wright Elementary School on Nov. 11.

It’ll be hosted on the same playground Martha Cooper advocated for before her passing in 2002.

Descant asks that the items be able to withstand the desert climate for an extended period of time.