Most 13-year-olds spend their time planning for play dates, sleepovers, or ways to convince their parents to allow them to stay up past their bedtime-but that isn’t the case for Tucson BMX rider Colton Kidd.

“There’s the 2028 Olympics in L.A., and I want to make it there,” Colton said.

For eight years, Colton has dedicated five to six days each week to perfecting his BMX craft. Whether he’s hitting sprints or gates at home or Tucson BMX for a full workout, since his first time on the dirt, Colton has dedicated himself to reaching higher levels of success.

“We always offer other sports, but this is his passion. He loves it, so it’s what we live and breathe,” Matthew Kidd, Colton’s father said.

“I love it. It just keeps me happy,” said Colton.

Colton holds the No.1 NAG title for his age group and No.11 nationally out of over 5,000 riders.

But the young talent is always working towards the next big goal.

“I want to turn pro when I’m 16,” Colton said.

“A lot of it he does on his own, and we don’t have to push as parents. He’s always racing himself,” said Matthew.

If he does reach these goals, Colton will be the youngest BMX rider to make it to the Olympic games.