On Monday, more than 2,700 migrants were arrested by agents in the Tucson Sector, according to Border Patrol.

As the challenges ramp up again for agents, volunteers are also on the ground trying to support the migrants.

Ken Sylvester fires up the water pump in the Humane Borders truck.

Hes a volunteer for Humane Borders in Lukeville.


They leave water out for migrants as the migrants walk miles to find border patrol.

“Who would deny anyone water? Just water,” Sylvester said.

Sylvester says the current conditions in Lukeville are unlike anything hes seen here before.

I feel like were in a refugee camp,” Sylvester said.

Border patrol also says this is unprecedented.

At sector headquarters in Tucson, I spoke with Deputy Chief Justin De La Torre.

Were averaging about 2,300 people a day,” De La Torre said.

And with more than 4,000 in custody, its all hands on deck to process and transport the asylum seekers.

Leaving their other operations paused.

Were not able to…operate some of our more proactive border security measures we have in place,” De La Torre said.

But De La Torre says theyre trying to meet the challenege.

The agents on the ground doing the job, day in and day out, they are truly heroes,” De La Torre said.

As volunteers on the ground are also doing their part.

It feels really good to help,” Sylvester said.

In October, CBP reported over 55,000 migrant arrests in the Tucson Sector.