A local nonprofit, Tucson Cancer Conquerors, is leaving a mark on individuals undergoing cancer treatments by offering support with their programs aimed at enhancing physical and mental well-being.

Founded in 2014, Tucson Cancer Conquerors has emerged as a sense of hope for those navigating the challenging terrain of cancer treatments. The organization’s initiatives have been instrumental in fostering resilience and promoting holistic healing among cancer patients.

Liz Almali, president of Tucson Cancer Conquerors, said having undergone cancer treatments herself at the age of 44, Almali mentioned how fitness helped her both mentally and physically while undergoing cancer treatments.

“We used to think that it was important when you finish chemotherapy to just be a couch potato and just rest and let your body recuperate,” Almali said. “But we’re finding out, and research really supports this, that the more active people are, the stronger their immune system is, the stronger their bones are, you get osteoporosis going through a lot of cancer treatments and the more energy that you have in the better you sleep so we’re really encouraging people now to get up and start moving.”

Tucson Cancer Conquerors offers a wide variety of programs to all members of the community. From fitness classes and hiking to gardening and a vibrant book club, the organization has something for everyone.