This week, schools across Tucson are saying a big thank you to their teachers for all their hard work. At Tucson Country Day School, they’re making sure all of their educators receive something special.

Teachers there are getting surprises every day…like a coffee cart, bagels, raffles and so much more. Chris Mayse, the school librarian, says teachers do a lot to make sure students feel supported.

Teachers really go above and beyond to provide the best atmosphere for their kids classrooms, to make sure they have what they need. I mean, teachers are everything, were moms outside of the home, said Mayse.

Students are also showing their appreciation with drawings, pictures, cards, and letters. Candace Glass, a 4th-grade teacher, says it’s nice to feel appreciated during this special week.

Its very exciting and its nice to know that were appreciated, we do a lot, teachers do a lot, so its very nice to be shown that we are appreciated here, said Glass.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a reminder of how important teachers are in shaping our future and Tucson Country Day School wants to make sure teachers feel supported all year round.