Students at Tucson Country Day School (TCDS) are taking steps to solidify their campus as a place of kindness, and a new mural from Ben’s Bells will serve as a constant visual reminder of their mission.

Ben’s Bells, a nonprofit known for its “Be Kind” flower mosaics, visited the school this week to discuss plans for the mural, which will symbolize community connection and support through acts of kindness. The organization emphasizes that while “being nice” and “being kind” may seem interchangeable, true kindness involves making conscious choices to do what’s right, even when it’s difficult.

“I want to make my school a kind campus because it can make the middle school process a lot easier for a ton of students,” said Sophia Sciortino, Vice President of the Student Council. She believes the mural will act as a powerful visual, reminding students of the impact their actions can have.

Ben’s Bells agrees that practicing kindness is an ongoing effort, not just a passive trait.

“It’s really a skill that takes a lot of work and a lot of practice,” said Autum Rentmeester, Director of Development and Outreach for Ben’s Bells. “The great thing about our murals is, it’s a visual reminder to practice kindness.”

The project wouldn’t be possible without support from the community. Tucson Federal Credit Union provided a grant to fund the mural, demonstrating the broader commitment to kindness shared by many Tucsonans.

Students will be actively involved in creating the mural alongside Ben’s Bells, further strengthening their connection to the message it embodies. The completed project is expected to be installed early this year.