Students at Tucson High School hosted on a drag show Saturday night on campus, drawing support and opposition.

Hundreds came to watch and cheer on the second annual drag show sponsored by student club Q Space.

A group of community members who believe minors and schools should not be affiliated with drag shows also came to campus.

I have love and compassion for these kids, and my whole thing is I wanna protect them, said Kimberly McAllister, one member of that group. Its OK to tell kids No. This is not appropriate for you to do a show like this on school grounds, taxpayer money. Its not the time, its not the place. Its not OK. Its not OK for minors to be involved.

Estevan Silvasa recent THS graduate and current tutorspoke with KGUN, backing the students show.

I think its a good way for the kids to come out and express themselves, you know, and just kinda be comfortable in who they are, he said. Were not forcing it on the kids, theyre the ones that are out there putting up all the posters for it, the ones that are getting it out to their friends Theyre there dancing, theyre having fun. Theyre doing what they love.

The group who disagrees with the show tried to attend, but was turned away by security. Some members said they felt they were discriminated against.

Security personnel told KGUN that because the show was a private event, security had discretion over who was allowed to attend.



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