Since 1963, the iconic Tucson House has remained a staple in the community. It started as luxury apartments, hosting guests like John Wayne and Lee Marvin. But after the economic instability of the 1970s, the City took control of it and the building became public housing.

“Everyone has their own individual apartment with amazing views of the city,” Alison Miller, the strategic planning and community engagement manager for the City of Tucson, said.

Now, those apartments will get a face lift, which will be complete with new appliances, flooring, paint and more.

“A lot of work will go on behind the walls,” Miller said. “The new spaces will allow us to bring parks and recreation to do fitness classes.”

Construction will last two years and will begin in late 2024 or early 2025, Miller said.

“We’ll move folks to other parts of the building or to temporary locations to minimize the disruption to residents,” she said.