The day after Christmas is traditionally marked by busy airports and crowded terminals as holiday travelers embark on their journeys home. So far, Tucson International Airport appears to be an exception to this trend, providing a relatively hassle-free experience for those passing through.

AAA estimates, over 115 million people are expected to travel 50 miles or more during the 10-day, year-end period, making it one of the busiest travel seasons this year.

Despite this national surge, Tucson International Airport has offered smooth sailing for travelers, such as Orlando Negron, who described his experience as, “pretty chill.”

“That’s a good thing,” he said.

Returning home from the holidays, some passengers, like Negron, expected a more bustling scene at TIA. However, they find the reality pleasantly different. Chris Barry, another traveler, said he expected to see something else, “A lot of people, but it wasn’t. I got dropped off okay, and there werent any problems.”

Customer service agents at the airport affirm the ease of travel during this period. Anglina Alcantar of Alaska Airlines explains, “Easy check-in, they don’t have to wait in long lines, easy boarding, boarding fastall that stuff; everything is faster. Everything is easier.”

Rosalyn Rubio, CSA Lead at Alaska Airlines, said the day after Christmas is normally relatively slow. “Yeah, usually it’s more busy before Christmas, the dates before, the week before, or a day before, but the day after and between Christmas and New Year’s is kind of slow.”

With fewer travelers passing through Tucson International Airport during this period, the incidence of delays has significantly decreased. Alcantar remarks, “There weren’t any big delays, like we had delays days leading up, but as of right now, there are no delays today.”

Despite the current tranquility, the airport anticipates a surge in activity after the New Year. For now, Tucson International Airport is expected to remain quiet for the rest of the week, providing a contrast to the national travel scene during this festive season.