On Monday, Aaron Greenberg was at the Jewish Community Center praying and singing for peace for the war in Israel.

Hes no stranger to war in Israel, having lived there for almost eight years.

I lived through a lot of war while I was living in Israel. We had the Lebanon War. I survived terror attacks. I fought against terror, he said.

He said the war highlights how people cant take anything for granted. He has family in Israel that he hasnt heard from and a friend whose elderly family member was kidnapped.

We are a nation of God. We will come through this a stronger nation, he said. We are a strong nation. We are a alive nation.

Strength was a common feeling amongst the people at the solidarity gathering for Israel on Monday, people of all different kinds of faith coming together. Local and state leaders also joined in solidarity.

Johanna Shlomovich, the head of school at the Tucson Hebrew Academy was also in attendance, singing a lullaby from her childhood in front of a crowd of hundreds of people.

We talk about each other as each others brothers and sisters. We are one family, the Jewish people, Shlomovich said.

Hearing the prayers and songs, she was reminded about her family in the northern part of Israel. She said she wishes she could be with them and would get on a plane right away if she could.

Our familys terrified and theyre sending their children back into war, she said. We dont live to be afraid.

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