The U.S will help train Ukrainian pilots to fly western warplanes like the F-16and an airbase in Tucson probably played a role in that decision.

The 162nd Air National Guard Wing based at Tucson International makes a specialty of teaching foreign pilots how to fly the F-16.

The National Guard confirms in February and March, two Ukrainian Air Force Pilots visited the 162nd. They were experienced with Russian warplane designs the Ukrainians fly now.

The goal of their visit was to use F-16 simulators at the 162nd to assess how quickly they could adapt their experience to fly F-16s.

A report concluded experienced Ukrainian pilots can adapt their knowledge to learn to fly F-16s quickly.

Ukrainians have asked for F-16s to replace their own planes shot down fighting the Russians.

President Biden had said he did not think the Ukrainians need F-16s but Friday he told a meeting of the G-7 leaders the U.S. will help train Ukrainians to fly F-16s. Many U.S. allies fly F-16s. Its not clear which countries will provide the planes.