A Tucson family is gaining national recognition this Hispanic Heritage Month, for the lasting legacy of mariachi music they have built throughout the community.

Alfredo Valenzuela started “Las Aguilitas” at Davis Bilingual Magnet Elementary School back in the 1980’s. It was then taken over by Alfredo’s son Jaime Valenzuela in 2003.

The group has members as young as 7-years-old, who are learning and performing traditional mariachi music.

Alfredo and Jaime will be featured on Good Morning America on Friday, October 6th.

KGUN 9 got the chance to speak with Alfredo and Jaime to get both of their reactions to the news.

“The awards and the recognition of being on Good Morning America, that’s all a plus. What makes us full and satisfied is teaching,” Jaime said.

“It feels so good for me to be able to have had an impact on these young people. I can see as they grow up they come and tell me how great they feel with the music with what I did for them, and it really comes into my heart to see that,” Alfredo said.