Regina Romero is officially starting her second term as the mayor of Tucson.

She was inaugurated Monday at the Downtown Convention Center along with her council colleagues and gave the citys annual report.

Mayor Romero says in addition to work with youth, there are several focus areas on her radar.

“Economic development, job creation and continuing to work on water and climate and infrastructure investments,” she said. “Those are things that Tucsonans have told me, throughout the years, that are important to them and their quality of life.

She also announced a second role she’ll assume during her next term: serving as one of the state leaders appointed to Governor Katie Hobbs’s workforce development team.

I’m looking forward to working with Gov. Hobbs on what she plans on, what her strategy is on workforce and economic development throughout the state,” Mayor Romero explained.

It appears Mayor Romero is open to statewide collaborations during her second term.

“So, that way, the City of Tucson and our people are at the table when that conversation is happening,” she added.

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