For Chuck Sherman, sleeves cover up the scars from two knee replacement surgeries.

“I have an injured back,” said Sherman. “My neck is injured. I’ve had surgery on my shoulder and my ankle.”

Those surgeries came after, while traumatic brain injury came during, a 33 year service in the United States Army.

“It was something I always just kind of felt the need to do.”

After growing up in Tucson, Sherman served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and elsewhere. He medically retired with a body that was breaking down.

“My choices were to sit in my chair all day and wait to die, or try to do something about it.”

“Therefore, Chuck Sherman took up weight training.

“It turns out I really enjoy it.”

He turned it into powerlifting, meaning the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

“It continued to help me with my rehabilitation, particularly with my knees.”

With a trainer by his side, Sherman decided to participate in competitions.

“It gave me something to train for and to plan for,” he said. “The sense of accomplishment I got from it was very helpful with the PTSD component from my services.”

This weekend, Sherman will compete in a United States Powerlifting Assocation competition called Southwest Summer Slam. Sherman is in the Masters Division. Since there are no state records in the 275-308 pound weight class, he is sure to become an Arizona record holder.

“Just by showing up,” Sherman laughed.

Showing up is a big part of success in life. Sherman is hoping to extend his quality of life with powerlifting.

“Staying fit is going to be important for staying going as long as you can, for your family and your community.”