It was a busy first day for True Food Kitchen, 2905 E. Skyline Dr. STE 298, with people passing in and out of the restaurant and many of the tables full.

Its Tucson natives Dr. Andrew Weils 45th restaurant in his chain, a chain he says focuses on healthy ingredients.

A lot of restaurants that I eat at, I dont feel great when I leave. This food you feel great when youre finished, Dr. Weil said.

Thats why his menu offers some of his favorites like ahi tuna lettuce wraps, grilled salmon, and of course his original recipe, the Ancient Grains bowl, which he said kickstarted the idea to open his restaurants.

The Ancient Grains bowl thats got a mixture of grains. Its got snap peas, sweet potatoes with a miso glaze, he said.

The food he serves is something he said you cant find at very many other restaurants anywhere or even in Tucson. Thats why he wanted to bring his restaurant to Tucson, where hes lived for about 45 years.

I cannot tell you how many times Ive been asked over the past 15 years why is there no True Food Kitchen in Tucson, Weil said. Its been very embarrassing to me that we havent had one. Ive been pushing and finally we got it open.

When you walk into the restaurant, youll find his legacy in the back corner with pictures of him and his family in the Founders Room, which is a section of the restaurant tailored for larger parties.

This decor is different from the other restaurants. Its how future restaurants are going to be, Weil sad.

As for the future, hes hoping his Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona is going to connect with his restaurant.

We teach them all the things they shouldve learned in medical school but didnt including nutrition, he said.

While hes already thinking ahead to his future, which includes opening a True Food Kitchen in North Carolina next year, hes hoping to open up another one in Tucson.

However, opening a restaurant is something he found tough and wants future entrepreneurs to keep in mind.

Especially in todays economy, so I think you really want to know what youre doing, he advised others.