We know drivers should always be aware of their surroundings, but there are some areas where drivers should be especially cautious.

There are some intersections where collisions have occurred most frequently, according to data from Tucson Police. So far this year, there have been 2,846 collisions. Of those collisions, 70.4% have been intersection-related.

Most of the collisions have been on the east side of Tucson, but the percentages of collisions in other parts of the city are fairly close.

Number of Collisions By Division

EAST: 25.5%

WEST: 23.8%

SOUTH: 24.5%

MIDTOWN: 23.5%

Intersection-related collisions have been most common (70.4%) so far this year in comparison to collisions involving distracted (5.1%), impaired (4.8%), or speeding (14.2%) drivers.

Intersections with most collisions

1. Valencia Rd. and Nogales Hwy. 16

2. Golf Links Rd. and Craycroft Rd. 14

3. Broadway Blvd. and Wilmot Rd. 13

4. Irvington Rd. and Campbell Ave. 13

5. 22nd St. and Wilmot Rd. 12

Tucson Police offers a traffic watch survey for Tucson residents as a method of addressing any concerns of reckless or unsafe driving.