It was a daily routine for Chuck Ramsay to ride up A Mountain. He would tell his wife he always felt a connection to the ghost bike that sits up there. Ghost bikes are usually made to honor cyclists that have passed away.

Now he has his own ghost bike, but his wife, Amanda, is still searching for answers.

Right now we feel like it is unfair that somebody took my husbands life and is out there living theirs, said Amanda Ramsay.

It’s been eight months since she lost her husband and the father of her two kids.

He was hit by a car on Grant and Oracle in the early morning last August. No one stopped to help for 20 minutes, but Amanda isnt trying to hold that against anyone.

I don’t care if you saw it and just kept driving. I am not after you. I just want that person to call them and tell them what they saw, she said.

But even after setting out reward posters, shes still searching for answers.

I spoke with the detective on the case, Anthony Boucher with the Tucson Police Department Traffic Investigations Unit said surveillance of the collision was hard to decipher.

I wasn’t able to see the make, model, or year of the vehicle. It looked like a red blur which led me to believe it was a red vehicle that struck Mr. Ramsay.

He tracked the car to the 1-10, bringing an end to a lead on where the car was heading.

As far as the beginning point, the video footage that I have from businesses I just cant determine where that vehicle came from.

So for now, the case is cold. Amanda Ramsay is wondering what further steps could have been taken in the investigation.

Amanda herself is taking steps in the healing process with the help of Colin Holmes, the artist behind the ghost bikes.

He helped make sure Chuck’s bike was set in the right place.

It’s a really important spot because its a bike and pedestrian crossing. That was where he was found, right next to that crossing.

Holmes makes these bikes for the community free of charge as a way to give back to the community. He sometimes even helps install them, as he did for Amanda Ramsay.

Ramsay recalled as they both placed Chuck’s ghost bike into the ground. She wondered who made the bike on A Mountain, the one Chuck visited every day.

I said, Were you by any chance the one who made the one on a mountain? And he said Yes. And I said Wow. I’m just really blessed that I was able to find Colin.

If you have any information you can report it to the anonymous tip line at 520-882-7463.