Tucson Police homicide detectives have used DNA evidence to solve the 2019 murder of 15-year-old Erik Isaac Naez on Tucson’s south side.

Naez was shot and killed in September of 2019 in the Campbell and Drexel area. Detectives investigated several tips that named possible suspects, but, at the time, there was no evidence to support their involvement, according to a news release from TPD.

In 2021, Tucson Police responded to a fatal shooting at an apartment complex on South Park Avenue. The victim, 19-year-old Edsel Cecena-Marquez, was involved in a physical confrontation in the parking lot where he was shot and killed.

Several pieces of evidence, including trace DNA were recovered from the scene. An examination of that DNA identified Cecena-Marquez as the suspect in the Naez murder.

Tucson detectives now consider the Naez case closed.