Tucson City Council met on Wednesday, Feb. 21 for a study session to discuss the looming end of federal funding that is currently used to assist asylum seekers.

The current federal funding is expected to run out on March 31, leaving cities like Tucson a little less than six weeks to figure out how they will be handling the continued influx of migrants in the area.

General consensus at the study session was that local tax dollars should not have to be spent on what many consider to be a federal issue.


Biden administration weighing order to limit asylum seeking Federal migrant funding for Pima County will run out March 31

City Manager Michael Ortega said in the meeting, I am not recommending we expend the general fund dollarsour budget is constrained and it is in a tough spot.

Mayor Regina Romero said the federal governments lack of action should not fall on the City of Tucson nor Pima County.

Congress needs to do their jobs, Romero said during the study session. They have the power of policy-making and they have the power of assigning funds to their policies let them do that. They have an opportunity to act and they have refused to act.

As of right now, Congress does not have any bills scheduled to pass through the House or Senate that would continue to provide funding.


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