Racing season is gearing up here in Tucson. The Tucson Speedway reopens this weekend.

And Nick O’Neil is ready for it.

Born and raised in the Old Pueblo, O’Neil grew up in a racing family. He began racing at 5 years old on four-wheelers.

I raced those all through high school and then got hurt really bad, and my dad said it was time to get something with a seat belt and a cage,” O’Neil said.

After breaking his leg in three places, O’Neil said goodbye to the four-wheeler and hello to a race car.

At first, I was a little nervous because I had never done it before, but I caught on quite quickly,” O’Neil said. “Ive just always had the need for speed.

ONeil has since traveled around the country racing, but something always brings him back to Tucson.

Tucson is our home and so we like to support our local track,” O’Neil said.

In 2022, O’Neil was the Tucson Speedway track champion. He missed first place by just six points last year, but hopes this season will come with a win.

Id call it a drug because once you do it, youre hooked,” O’Neil said. “Its just an amazing feeling when you can accomplish something and be like, ‘wow we did that as a team, as a family.

ONeil will be racing the season opener this Saturday, March 2, at Tucson Speedway, 11955 S. Harrison Road.



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