A new survey from Lawn Love found that Tucson is the 32nd best city for paranormal activity out of the United State’s 200 biggest cities.

Lawn Love, a national lawn care and landscaping company that publishes these studies (this study certainly gives new meaning to the phrase ‘the grass isn’t greener on the other side’), compared the aforementioned 200 cities based on a number of criteria to come up with the rankings. Those include the number of sightings of paranormal phenomena, the number of haunted spots and even how many conventions and ghost tours there are.

Supernatural can mean anything out of the bounds of normalcy…including ghosts, aliens, cryptids and other monsters.

Phoenix ranked number 12 in the country. That’s despite being tied for the fewest paranormal sightings yet the third most paranormal societies and investigative organizations (all the prying eyes must scare the ghosts away).

Meanwhile Surprise, Ariz. ranked as the 8th worst place to be spooked by something otherworldly.

If you’re in search of a haunt here in Tucson, The Pima County Public Library offers an impressive encyclopedia of ghost encounters and environs on their site. It includes some area schools, the U of A, 22nd Street Antique Mall, and, believe it or not, a mountain lion ghost that chases visitors at Sabino Canyon.

And if you’re less enthused by visitors from beyond life and more excited by visitors from beyond the stars the National UFO Reporting Center offers an up-to-date databank of UFO sightings in Tucson and around Arizona.